For me, it was back when I was a kid. My family would go camping several times every summer, and swimming was always a big part of the fun. I would spend as much time as possible in the pool or lake. I remember how my fingers would get all prune-y and I usually got sunburned.

Now, 50-odd years later, the dermatologist loves pointing out all those spots where I got a wee bit too much sun . . . but the pool beckons once again.

If you’re looking for a different type of exercise, give water or aquatic aerobics a try!

You don’t have to be a swimmer, the water will support you. It will resist your movement and build strength.

Here are a few more benefits of water aerobics:

*         Great  for diabetics

*         Increases muscle strength

*         Improves flexibility

*         Alleviates pressure on joints

*         Burns more calories than traditional aerobics

*         Helps relieve stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression

Check out your local recreation center, high school, university, or YMCA. Somewhere nearby you’ll find a pool that is open to the public with a wide variety of classes, including water aerobics for adults. and who knows, you just might make some new friends, for swimmers are a wonderful group of people.

Go jump in a pool!