Mary Anne Machado, our guest on Episode 14 of the Seniortopia Show, talked about learning Spanish in her 40s. Here is her list of the resources that helped her go from “mostly forgotten high school Spanish” to “reading novels in Spanish.”

All Levels

Live Lingua  An online language school that teaches Spanish (and 10 other languages) over Skype

Beginning Spanish

  1. Coffee Break Spanish
  2. Lightspeed Spanish
  3. Notes in Spanish
  4. Spanish Obsessed
  5. Doorway to Mexico
  6. SOL School of Language (Español en Episodios)

Intermediate to Advanced Spanish

  1. Español Automático (Mary Anne says this podcast changed the way she thinks about language learning)
  2. Spanish
  4. Hoy Hablamos

Advanced Spanish

Podcasts in Spanish for native Spanish speakers. Some of Mary Anne’s favorites include:

  1. Radio Ambulante
  2. Las Raras
  3. El Valle de los Tercos
  4. Entiende tu Mente

Have any Spanish (or other language learning) resources that have helped you? Share them in the comments!