The main thesis of this book is that industries serving seniors need to start dreaming bigger and listening to what boomers want if they are going to be ready for the “silver tsunami” that is coming.

The problem is that companies come up with products that meet the needs of an 80-year-old when really solutions should take into account the needs of a wider audience. Accessible design is good for everyone, not just a small segment of the population.

The author, Joseph F. Coughlin, founder and director of the MIT AgeLab and man who knows how to wear a bow tie, does a great job of showing how this macro struggle affects us as individuals. We need products that go beyond Depends and cruises (bodily needs products or leisure products). Some of the products we here at the Seniortopia Show want to see developed are better hearing aids and attractive, flat shoes for women!

We really resonated with the book’s discussion on exploding the myths of retirement. It’s not just saving enough money, but what is going to make your bonus years worth living?? As individuals, we too need to dream and plan bigger if we are going to fill that time with activities that fulfill us.

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What products do you dream of seeing corporate America develop for you now that you are in your 50s or 60s?