Sharing space with someone who is not a member of our immediate family is pretty unusual.  The last time I shared an apartment with someone I was not related to was in college! But as we age, the kids leave, divorces happen, and other life changes can bring many of us to the point where we have extra space, too many expenses and maybe even a need for companionship.

How many of us ever consider home sharing as a solution to these life changes?  Our interview with Wendi Burkhardt, the founder and CEO of Silvernest (Seniortopia Show Episode 2) got us thinking about all the benefits of home sharing.  Here are four we could think of right off the bat:

1) Companionship – finding the right roommate can mean someone to go to the movies with, walk with, or just sit by the fire on a cold evening.

2) Lower cost of living – beyond turning that extra bedroom into extra cash to help pay your rent or taxes, roommates can share costs like utilities, a new TV or dry goods.  

3) Safety – Having someone sharing your space means there is someone around who will know if you have a fall or other health-related crisis.

4) Increased social network – getting a roommate who is from a different social circle can significantly widen your sphere of understanding. Cross-generational homesharing, for instance, brings seniors together with college students and can help both groups better understand one another’s lives, capabilities and challenges.

Can you think of more benefits?  We’d love to hear about them in the comments!