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47 – Humanizing elder care with the Green House Project (PRO TIPS)

De-institutionalizing, destigmatizing, and humanizing elder care–we hear about a new model of elder care that promises all that and more as we chat with guest Susan Ryan, Senior Director of the Green House Project.

Links to things we mention on the show:

The Green House Project https://thegreenhouseproject.org/ 


46 – More than Money: Creating a secure retirement (PRO TIPS)

Downsizing, when to start planning for retirement (hint:  earlier than you think!) and more with guest Radon Stancil. Radon is the Founder of Peace of Mind Wealth Management, a firm committed to helping individuals retire with excellence.

Links to things we mention on the show:

www.pomwealth.net Peace of Mind Wealth Management

Check out this special episode of the Secure Your Retirement podcast where Jeri and Julie talk with Radon about the opportunities and challenges on the road to retirement.  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wine-down-retirement-goals-retirement-living/id1530071856?i=1000510114585 


45 – Midlife Journey to Wisdom (PRO TIPS)

How to use journaling and travel to uncover our deepest passions, how to navigate the empty nest years and much more! On episode 45, we get great advice from author Susan Pohlman about midlife transitions and building a meaningful “second half” of life.

Links to things we mention on the show:


44 – Letting Go of Fear (PRO TIPS)

Letting go of fear, getting unstuck, empowering ourselves and much more! On this, our first episode of 2021, we talk with Susan Burrell about how to live an empowered life.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Website: https://www.susanburrell.com

Podcast:  Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell https://www.susanburrell.com/podcasts

43 – The Heart as the Center (PRO TIPS)

What it means to be an elder, what COVID is teaching us, George Floyd’s murder, white supremacist organizational culture, God, the universe, the water we swim in, changes we’d like to see going forward and much more with guest F. Noor Jawad.

Links to things we mention on the show: 

Noor’s Five Questions:

  1. What part(s) do I personally play in contributing to the white supremacy mentality in my life and in the lives of my children and my family?
  2. What can I do to re-imagine myself and my white counterparts cohabitating in a healthy, prosperous world that is equally beneficial to all of it’s citizens?
  3. What shall we redirect our focus on that unites all of us?
  4. What are we ready to let go of for the collective good of humanity?
  5. What best practices/guidelines/policies can we enact for building relationships based on equality, justice, truth and the authentic love for all and hatred for none?

Resources we mentioned in this episode:
Book:  The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter
Podcast Series:  Scene on Radio: Seeing White  https://www.sceneonradio.org/seeing-white/

42 – Downsizing (JnJ CHAT)

Downsizing your possessions to prepare for selling your house, using moving/storage containers, storage lockers, getting rid of big furniture, selling on Facebook Marketplace, using consignment shops and more! Cohosts Jeri and Julie both sold their homes in 2020 and drop a lot of hints for anyone looking to declutter or sell off possessions.

Links to things we mention on the show:

U-Pack https://www.upack.com/
Store Here https://www.storehere.com/
Facebook Marketplace
Nextdoor https://nextdoor.com/

41 – Death, Dying & Racial Justice (PRO TIPS)

End-of-life care for African Americans, how our society makes decisions about death and dying given health and wealth disparities experienced by Blacks, why women disproportionately bear the economic and emotional impact of caregiving for elders,  and more with guest Dr. Yolonda Y. Wilson.

40 – Retiring in Mexico (SLICE OF LIFE)

Retiring at age 55, downsizing possessions to a few suitcases, what it’s been like to retire under COVID social distancing restrictions, choosing a city in Mexico, learning Spanish and much more on this Slice of Life episode with guests Mary Anne and Ricardo Machado. They’ve chosen to retire in the city of Santiago de Querétaro in central Mexico and we get to hear all about the decisions that brought them there.

39 – Practicing Law After Retirement (PRO TIPS)

How attorneys and other professionals can continue offering their services after retirement, the challenges faced by people of color in the legal profession, age discrimination and more with guest Linda Aristondo, Esq.

Links to things we mention on the show:

About the Fellowship program for physicians:  Dr. Gerald Bourne was paid by Kaiser Permanente to create the program. Docs work 2 days a week. Stipend $50,000. Medical malpractice covered by Health Center.

38 – To Retire Early, Live Simply (SLICE OF LIFE)

Retiring in your 50s by living simply, choosing a home to age in place, long term care insurance, gardening and more on this Slice of Life episode with guests John and Jacq Ewan.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Photos of the Ewans’ accessible shower and amazing gardens:  https://seniortopia.net/retirement-projects-gardens-and-accessible-showers/

Book on pruning fruit trees: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18796083-grow-a-little-fruit-tree

37 – Will COVID Change Senior Living Design? (PRO TIPS)

We talk with experts in senior living design about their predictions for how COVID will change the way senior living facilities are designed.  Our special guest is Russ McLaughlin, architect with AG Architecture, he chats with our own resident expert, Jeri McClenaghan-Ihde.  Together these two architects have more than 60 years of senior living design experience.  What they have to say about the impact of COVID may surprise you.

36 – Unapologetically Eclectic (SLICE OF LIFE)

Living a life full of experiences and without excuses, how to maintain a healthy relationship across decades, downsizing, aging while childless and more on this Slice of Life episode with guests Cindy Coe and Amy Zehnder, also known as CCnDoc.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Instagram and IGTV https://www.instagram.com/ccndoc/channel/?hl=en Follow CCnDoc’s ongoing adventures here
www.ccndoc.com (Both – Over 50 Influencers)
www.coe2go.com (Cindy – Digital Storytelling, Social Media Consulting, WiX Web Design)
www.insideoutdiscovery.com (Both – Organizational Development Firm)

Bonus Content – Social Distancing vs Polio

We talk with Carol Whelan (Julie’s mom) and Katy Ingerson about their memories of practicing social distancing during the polio scares of their childhood; we also hear about the way Ken and Betty McClenaghan (Jeri’s parents) experienced the epidemic. 

When Polio Triggered Fear and Panic among Parents in the 1950s https://www.history.com/news/polio-fear-post-wwii-era

35 – Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationships (PRO TIPS)

Using our sometimes rocky relationships with our mothers for growth, empowerment and wisdom  with coach and author Karen C.L. Anderson.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Karen C.L. Anderson Website https://kclanderson.com/
Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters: A guide for separation, liberation and inspiration https://kclanderson.com/books-1/
The Overcoming Creative Anxiety Journal https://kclanderson.com/books-1/
Sue Monk Kidd – The Book of Longings
Lynne Forrest – Guiding Principles for Beyond Victim Consciousness
Debbie Ford – The Dark Side of the Light Chasers
Glennon Doyle – Untamed

34 – What’s Driving US Boomers to Retire in Mexico? (PRO TIPS)

What’s wrong with retirement in the United States, why some people choose to retire in Mexico and more as we interview Travis Luther, author of “The Fun Side of the Wall:  Baby Boomer Retirement in Mexico.”

Links to things we mention on the show:

The Fun Side of the Wall 
Travis Luther 

33 – Cohousing Part 2: Searching for Community (SLICE OF LIFE) 

The advantages of living in cohousing, who is right for cohousing, cohousing in Milwaukee and more on this Slice of Life episode with guest Helen Hollerich.

Links to things we mention on the show:
Milwaukee Area Cohousing on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Milwaukee-Area-Cohousing-MAC-100314328034393/
Milwaukee Area Cohousing Meetup  https://www.meetup.com/Milwaukee-Area-Cohousing
Cohousing Association of the United States
Foundation for Intentional Community https://www.cohousing.org/
Cohousing Research Network https://www.cohousingresearchnetwork.org/
Cohousing Midwest on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/GreatLakesCoHo/

32 – Cohousing Part 1: What is cohousing? (PRO TIPS)

Cohousing origins, 6 elements of cohousing, condos v cohousing, benefits of cohousing, a new urban cohousing project in Milwaukee and more with guest Nola Hitchcock Cross.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Cohousing Association of the United States
The Cohousing Company – Durrett Architects 
Milwaukee Area Cohousing 

31 – Talking about Loss, Death and Grief (PRO TIPS)

Supporting someone who is grieving, what to say to someone who has experienced a loss, things to give instead of flowers, handling grief and loss on social media and more with guest Brooke James, host of The Grief Coach podcast.

Links to things we mention on the show:

The Grief Coach website
The Grief Coach Instagram 
Ten Percent Happier episode with David Kessler 

30 – Resilience through Gratitude (PRO TIPS)

Gratitude vs positive thinking, benefits of journaling, our natural impulse to look for danger, and more with guest Christel Wendelberger, author of Mindful Gratitude

Links to things we mention on the show:


29 – Curmudgeon’s Guide to Working Remotely (JnJ CHAT)

How to work remotely — Julie and Jeri give tips and tricks they’ve  learned over many years of remote work.

Links to things we mention on the show:

WWFM The Classical Network
WMSE Milwaukee Frontier Radio 

28 – Menopause, Midlife and More (SLICE OF LIFE) 

Menopause, perimenopause and other topics of interest to midlife women on this Slice of Life episode with guests Colleen Ricci Rosenblum & Bridgett Biaggi Garratt, co-hosts of the Hot Flashes & Cool Topics podcast.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Hot Flashes & Cool Topics Podcast 
Hot Flashes & Cool Topics You Tube 
Dr. Liz’s Easy Guide to Menopause 
Westhaven, Tennessee

Bonus Content – Intentional Communities

Karen Van Hoof (our guest on Episode 27) tells us about the Intentional Community in Asheville, NC where she and her husband are planning to retire.  Click here to find out more about Intentional Communities.

Bonus Content – Books on Death and Dying

Karen Van Hoof, end-of-life doula, recommends books on death and dying

– Being Mortal by Atul Gawande
– When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
– Walking Each Other Home by Ram Dass
– Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Katy Butler
– The Art of Dying Well by Katy Butler
– Your Mother, My Mother: Embracing Slow Medicine by Dennis McCullough
– The Five Invitations by Frank Ostaseski
– The Promised Landing – by Bart Windrum
– A Year to Live by Stephen Levine
– Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty
– From Here to Eternity by Caitlin Doughty
– Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? by Caitlin Doughty

27 – Together at the End of Life (PRO TIPS)

COVID-19 is revealing our mortality.  Our guest shows us how to sit with someone who is dying.  Palliative care, hospice, green burials and do-it-yourself funerals, all this and more with guest Karen Van Hoof, an end-of-life doula and hospice volunteer.

26 – Creating Livable Communities (PRO TIPS)

What is meant by “livability,” safe sidewalks, accessible parks, and an invitation to apply for a service job working on these issues  with guests Danielle Arigoni (AARP), Tonya Mantilla (Public Allies) and Caitlin Manzano (Public Allies)
4:30 What are livable communities?
16:30 Public Allies – Who are they?
24:45 Livable Communities Corps service opportunities

Links to things we mention on the show:

The main site for AARP’s Livable Communities work
The site where you can apply for the Livable Communities Corps 
AARP Community Challenge Grant 
ABCs of ADUs  
Creating Parks and Public Spaces 
HomeFit Guide 
Public Allies Donation Page

25 – 9 Things we Learned About Retirement Planning in 2019 and Some Predictions for 2020 (JnJ CHAT)

Decluttering, ageism, sharing economy, senior living housing for the rest of us and more on our one year anniversary episode!

Links to things we mention on the show:

Ciara Beck, Dietician
Dan Buettner, Blue Zones
Dr. Katharine Forth, Balance
Jules Hannaford, Online Dating Scams
Tom Fisher, Sharing Economy
Julie Whelan Capell, Caregiving
Mary Sheridan, Caregiving
Gene Guzskowski, Affordable Senior Housing
Al Bautch, Second Careers
Confronting Ageism

24 – Home Hospice and Your Dying Wishes (SLICE OF LIFE)

Building an “in-law” apartment; establishing boundaries when sharing living space; talking with your parents about moving in with you; hospice care at home; talking with family about dying; travelling gluten free; MORTALLS (a death-positive conversation game) and more on this Slice of Life episode with guest Elikqitie.

Links to things we mention on the show:
Travel Gluten Free Podcast 
Travel Gluten Free Instagram 

23 – The Cutting Edge of Senior Living Design (PRO TIPS)

Creating affordable senior living alternatives; designing for people with dementia; the importance of shortening corridors and more  with guest Gene Guszkowski of AG Architecture. Book review:  How to Live Forever by Marc Freedman.

Links to things we mention on the show:

 The Holiday Inn retirement option is discussed more fully on Seniortopia Show episode 11
 Strive for College 
 Table Wisdom
 Big Brothers Big Sisters of America 
 AARP Experience Corps
 Girl Scouts 
 Boy Scouts

22 – Career Transitions in Your 50s (SLICE OF LIFE)

Leaving your career in your 50s and choosing a second one that you will be able to do into your 70s; writing a personal vision statement; importance of volunteering; sixtysomething entrepreneurs and more on this Slice of Life episode with guest Al Bautch.

Links to things we mention on the show:

21 – Fool Me Twice (PRO TIPS)

Online dating scams with guest Jules Hannaford, author of Fool Me Twice and co-producer of the Fool Me Twice true crime podcast. We also discuss banking, Facebook and Air BnB scams.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Fool Me Twice Podcast 
Fool Me Twice Book 
Hong Kong Confidential Podcast 

20 – What I Learned About Hospitals, Rehab and Home Health Care When My Mom Got Sick (SLICE OF LIFE)

When her mom suddenly got very ill, Seniortopia co-host Julie found herself immersed in the confusing labyrinth of the US heatlh care system.  Find out how she and her mom survived the encounter on this Slice of Life episode.

CORRECTION:  On the episode, when we are talking about how the phone operator didn’t know which fire dpt should send its EMTs to Julie’s mom’s apartment, it was NOT the 9-1-1 operator.  It was the operator answering the help button her mom wears around her neck.

19 – Paying for Accessibility Renovations (PRO TIPS)

Renovation loans, Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS), Accessible Dwelling Units (ADUs) and more with guests Lori Keasel and Jim Ragan. Lori is a Realtor (R) with Crossroads Realty in Ocean County, NJ. She is also CAPS certified to help her clients make home modifications for aging-in-place.  Jim is the Manager, Renovation Dept., Advisors Mortgage Groups LLC and a specialist in renovation loans.

Links to things we mention on the show:

18 – Where to Retire? Keep Your Mind Open (SLICE OF LIFE)

The advantages of retiring near Biloxi, Mississippi; deciding whether to move away from children and aging parents; how to make your retirement dreams come true and more on this Slice of Life episode with guests Gwen and Howard Wohlgefahrt.

17 – Designing for the Senior of the Future (PRO TIPS)

Tom Fisher of Minnesota Design Center on how autonomous cars will change mobility for us all, downsizing our homes and designing to reduce isolation.  We also discuss an app to bring generations together, whether robots can replace human caregivers, and much more!


UMN Minnesota Design Center 
Salmela Architects 
University of Arkansas Community Design Center – Aging in Community 
Ross Chapin Pocket Neighborhoods 
Article:  Redditt co-founder Ohanian: Expect senior living to be disrupted in next decade 
Papa Pals App 

16 – Retiring When Your Kids Still Need You (SLICE OF LIFE)

Accommodating a special needs child in retirement planning; relying on side gigs to get you through late-in-life job losses; unexpected benefits of older and younger people working together and more on this Slice of Life episode with guests Terry Johnson and Virginia Carlson. Also, Julie and Jeri discuss how much house do you really need?

Links to things we mention on the show:

The New “Dream Home” Should Be a Condo 

15 – Have You Worked on Your Balance Lately? (PRO TIPS)

Balance, why it’s important and how to improve it (Zibrio the Balance Company); TomBot companion animals; expert interview with guest Katharine Forth.

Links to things we mention on the show:

14 – Never Too Late to Learn Something New (SLICE OF LIFE)

Transformational learning at any age; retiring abroad; closing a location dependent business; saving for retirement and more on this Slice of Life episode with guest Mary Anne Machado.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Advanced Podcasts in Spanish for native Spanish speakers. Some of Mary Anne’s favorites include:

13 – Caregivers are People Too (PRO TIPS)

Mary Sheridan (Executive Director of the Association of California Caregiver Resource Centers) on resources to help caregivers take care of themselves; Designing airports for the older traveler

Links to things mentioned in this episode:

Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) was the original Caregiver Resource Center (CRC).  During the 1980’s the system expanded to include 10 additional CRCs.  Now, every county in California is covered by a regional CRC.

The Family Caretiver Alliance hosts the web page for all the CA CRCs:  https://www.caregiver.org/californias-caregiver-resource-centers This page includes contact information for each CRC and the area that is covered by that CRC

For caregiver support in the rest of the US:  https://www.caregiver.org/family-care-navigator  Is an interactive tool that will let family caregivers find out what is available in their state.

FCA has many caregiving information sheets (called Fact Sheets on their website) in quite a few languages.  The most common language available (after English) is Spanish (32 fact sheets available in Spanish).   There are direct care videos in English and some in Spanish available on FCA’s website, too: https://www.caregiver.org .

Social Media

12 – Advice From Elders on Growing Older (PRO TIPS)

Toni Patrick, author of How to Grow Older, on healthy relationships, hobbies, meditation, organization, pets, inter-generational connections, end-of-life and more.

11 – When Your Spouse is Retired and You’re Not (SLICE OF LIFE)

The Holiday Inn retirement option, when your spouse is retired and you’re not

10 – Dietician’s Secrets to Weight Loss (PRO TIPS)

Brain health & Soft Wired (book review); dietician’s secrets to weight loss.

Links to things we mention on the show (some notes shown are affiliate links. if you click on them we may earn a small commission):

Brain HQ website 
Brain HQ’s Facebook Group:  @BrainHQ
Eat Right – website of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics https://www.eatright.org

09 – Aging with a Disability (SLICE OF LIFE)

Boomer retirees will want different services than the Silent Gen; Interview with Carol Nowak on aging with a disability; The Longevity Economy by Joseph F. Coughlin (book review).

Links to things we mention on the show (some notes shown are affiliate links. if you click on them we may earn a small commission):

2019 Survey:  The State of Senior Living: An industry grappling with Autonomy 
Senior Living Disruption Coming as Boomers Embrace Tech, Rely Less on Providers in Senior Housing News
Multifamily Developer Lloyd Jones Launches Aviva 55 Senior Living Brand in Senior Housing News

To see more info on the Senior Living Industry, check out the Seniortopia Show Resource Page at https://trello.com/c/cHn0ixnK

08 – Back to the Design Drawing Board (PRO TIPS)

Creating community when you move; how human-centered design is changing our built environment.

Links to things we mention on the show:


07 – Don’t Let Knee Surgery Keep You Down! (SLICE OF LIFE)

Retiring at 55; recovering from knee surgery; aging solo; remodeling to age in place; health care prices.

06 – Using Storytelling to Connect With People with Dementia (PRO TIPS)

Storytelling methods for use with family members with Alzheimers or other memory loss issues; arts hobbies for healthy aging; listener comments on retiring abroad.

Links to things we mention on the show:

Participating in the arts creates paths to healthy aging 
Timeslips — info@timeslips.org — elaine@timeslips.org
Ex Fabula 

05 – Moving abroad at 57 (SLICE OF LIFE)

We interview co-host Julie Whelan Capell; delve into how dreaming can help us with our goals; and review the book Being Mortal by Atul Gawande.

Links to things we mention on the show (some notes shown are affiliate links.  if you click on them we may earn a small commission):


Here’s Jeri’s sketch:


Article on why working with a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) might be helpful https://www.nextavenue.org/find-a-home-remodeler-for-aging-in-place/?utm_source=sumome&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sumome_share

04 – A New Way to Choose Your Next City (PRO TIPS)

We visit with the founder of Map Titan, Ben Cheslow Kraatz, whose app recommends the best cities and towns to live in based on your personal preferences; define “aging in place;” and begin a new segment “CAPS Talk.”

03 – An Architect at 58 (SLICE OF LIFE)

We interview co-host Jeri McClenaghan-Ihde; consider the case of the Spanish town that banned cars; and review the book Good to Go: A  guide to preparing for the end of life by Jo Myers.

Links to things we mention on the show:

AARP Livable Communities

02 – A New Option for That Big, Empty House (PRO TIPS)

Silvernest is a service that could alleviate a lot of the stress and worries for those of us who are starting to realize we have more house than we need. On today’s show, we talk with the CEO and Founder of this house sharing service for boomers and empty nesters.


Former Ford Plant Site to House Massive Mixed-Use Development with Senior Housing (In Senior Housing News)


Silvernest promo code:  Stopia50 (To redeem, simply enter “Stopia50” in the “Promo Code” box on the checkout page and click “Apply Code.” Your discount will immediately be reflected as you complete your membership.)

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