Does your current home match your dreams? I’m not talking about whether it is the castle on a hill you might daydream about in your fantasies. I mean, is it the right home for the life you are living right now? Will it continue to be the right home for you five, ten or fifteen years from now?

Many fiftysomethings are watching their children move out. The home that we spent decades perfecting for the first couple of decades of family life may be morphing into something else. Something too big, or too costly, or too hard to take care of, or too hard to maneuver in. Maybe you haven’t quite reached that point yet, but the day will come when your personal castle will come to be more of a dungeon of responsibility and worry. And that day may be coming sooner than you care to think.

If you are ready to begin thinking about your next dwelling, we’d like to suggest you try a little dreamscaping.

Dreamscaping is purposefully guiding your mind to imagine alternate versions of your life. Like brainstorming with yourself, when dreamscaping, you allow yourself to visualize different possible futures.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Ideate – let your imagination run wild! No idea is too crazy or expensive. Write them down somewhere. Don’t stop with two or three ideas, keep at it for a couple of hours or even days. More possibilities will occur to you if you allow the topic to percolate in your mind for a while.
  2. Design – after you have a good list, go over the different ideas and keep the ones that really fit your dreams–often these will be the ones that bring up strong positive emotions in you. Drill down on a few of these, teasing out details of what that dream would look like, taste like, feel like. The trick is to stay in the realm of the senses because your senses can get you out of your head and into your heart. The best visions will not only appeal to your brain but also to your spirit.
  3. Implement – You might stay in the design phase for a long time, months or even years, but eventually you need to implement your dream. Carefully planning how to make your dream come true is a topic for another day, but realize if you never start dreaming nothing in your life will ever change.

There’s a great blog post here with lots of tips on dreamscaping including specific questions to help you get started. And if you’re not ready to start thinking about your next home, use the dreamscaping steps to visualize career changes, relocating to a different city (or even country), or any other change you would like to see in your life.

What will you dreamscape?