This book by Marc Freedman, the CEO of, defines the “gray/brown divide” as the gulf that society imposes between seniors and young people. Freedman has spent decades researching and working on the front lines of intergenerational projects and as a result, the book is jam-packed with concrete examples of places where seniors and youth can come together.

Quoting President Kennedy, “while we have added years to life, now we must add life to those years,” Freedman says what will add life to our older years is having purpose. He suggests that seniors need to purposefully seek out volunteer experiences that connect them with younger generations.

Some of the organizations mentioned in the book include:

– Strive for College

– Table Wisdom

– Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

– Nesterly

– AARP Experience Corps

Older people have vast experience that can positively impact youth, but our society segregates the ages to a great extent. This book shows how we need to reach out to each other in order to bridge the gap imposed by society that keeps the generations separate.