It’s hard to believe but some people have trouble figuring out what to do with their free time.

On the Seniortopia Show we like to talk about hobbies because, first of all, they’re fun; and second, we think having good hobbies is a very important part of healthy aging.

If you haven’t yet found your hobby “niche” maybe one of these will pique your interest:

  1. Are you athletically inclined but tired of the same old classes at the gym?  Have you ever thought about joining the CIRCUS?  One of our guests on the show (Anita Kore, Episode 7) began learning aerial tricks at a community circus center near her Minneapolis home when she was in her 40s.  Such centers, which can be found in many cities across the US, offer classes for all ability levels in techniques such as flying trapeze, acrobatics, silks, contortion and juggling. Bonus:  you can hold your special celebrations at the circus and invite your friends, as Anita did for her 50th!

“It’s a wonderful hobby.  It’s a very healthy environment.  Circus people are athletes, so they keep healthy habits, for the most part.  It’s a very supportive environment because you’re able to work around things that limit you in your body, but you’re able to push yourself and try different things and different ways of expressing yourself.  There’s expressions that I never thought I’d be doing on a stage! And it’s just been wonderful!”

Anita Kore, Episode 7
  • Are you a natural storyteller?  Do you love connecting with other people in conversation?  You should check out TimeSlips.  On Episode 6 of the podcast, Elaine Maly enthused about this proven effective way to use STORYTELLING to connect with people who have Alzheimers or other memory loss issues.  You can learn the TimeSlips techniques online in just a few hours and then use them with loved ones or take them out into the community.  Elaine visits two different memory care units each week, engaging small groups of residents in conversations that allow everyone to participate and interact, no matter their memory challenges.  Oh, and if you’re looking for other ways to use your conversational abilities, try looking for STORYTELLING SLAMS in your area.  These are like poetry jams, but with short stories.  You can attend just to listen, or throw your name in the hat and get up and tell a story yourself. 

“I would say that it’s a gift that we give each other, this using our imagination. And it’s not something I’m doing for the elders that I visit, it’s something that we’re doing together and I get so much pleasure out of it.  It certainly doesn’t feel like work.”

Elaine Maly, Episode 6
  • Do you have a soft spot in your heart for animals?  It’s not uncommon to volunteer for animal shelters, but have you ever thought about volunteering in a WILDLIFE REHAB CENTER?  Anita, our guest on episode 7, is a veterinarian by training and now she volunteers helping out at an animal rehab center.  And I have another friend who works with injured raptors once a week at a local nature center.  All these places will train you to take care of the animals. Eventually you can become a docent who presents information on the animals to school groups and other visitors. 

Tell us about your weird but awesome hobbies in the comments!